Birthdays, Holidays, and the Splitting of One

A few weeks ago my two oldest children celebrated their birthdays. This celebration of their birthdays was once something much more exciting for me as their Dad. Today, it is difficult for me to be excited about special holidays because of the tension it now brings due to the splitting of one family into two.

Now I have to think about which weekend they will be with me, when their mom is going to host a party, will their mom get the same gifts as me, and etc. Things I never dreamed I would have to worry about on a birthday weekend for my kids, now I must consider.

In the book of Malachi, we are told that the Lord hates divorce and I do not doubt that one bit anymore as I know the pain of divorce. I hate divorce too! No, marriage isn’t easy. Two people who are one in covenant, taking on oneness daily, is a messy thing. It is slow and for some the wounds of the journey are great but the wounds of the tearing apart of one flesh are so much deeper. God speaks of much we do not fully understand in this life and I believe marriage will be one of those institutions that on the other side we marvel at God’s intentions that we did not fully grasp. The folly of our day is that we believe we can divorce and forget about those we left.

Will you encourage those who are broken by divorce? If you are in a marriage will you commit to establishing a strong marriage and sticking it out?


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